Online Dog Training Courses

Online Dog Training Courses


Everything You Need to Know About Online Dog Training Courses

Dog training is a vital part of responsible dog ownership.  Not only does dog training teach your dog new skills, it also has loads of other benefits including building your dog’s confidence, providing them with more freedom, teaching them problem-solving skills, strengthening your bond and having fun together.   There are a range of training solutions available and it’s important that you choose the right one for you and your dog.  Read on to find out which is the best option for you!

Starting Off On the Right Paw

Dogs learn primarily through body language and whether we realise it or not, we are always teaching our dogs what to do and what not to do through every interaction with them.  It’s important to think about how we want our dogs to behave and set clear, consistent and expectations from the start, making sure that all family members are on board.  Training your dog can help avoid behaviour problems further down the track and it gives you confidence in knowing that you are helping your dog reach their true potential.    

What’s the Best Type of Training for My Dog?

There are a range of training options available for you and your dog, from group puppy classes, group dog classes, private in-home training, taking your dog to a dog training and behaviour professional or a variety of online training programmes.  Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and it’s important that you find the right training solution for you and your dog to ensure the best chance of success. 

What Is Online Training?

Online dog training provides a unique learning experience which enables you to train your dog in the comfort of your own home at a time that works for you. The online programme is separated into weeks or modules which you work through at your own pace. Modules are viewed via an online learning platform accessed via your computer, laptop or phone. You can download the videos and watch them on your way to work and you can print the handouts to refer back to when you need to.

Why Do Online Dog Training?

We are often busy with everyday life.  We struggle to fit all our commitments into our schedules and often, training our dogs falls to the bottom of the priority list because we feel like we don’t have enough time.  One of the greatest advantages of online training is that you can watch the modules and work with your dog when you have time - whether it’s 2 minutes or an hour, it’s up to you.  You save travel time by not having to get you and your dog to a trainer or classes and you can refer back to the material if and when you need to.   For dogs who are unable to learn in a group environment because of the high distraction level, working at home enables them to focus on you more easily without distractions and learn at a faster rate.  Online learning ensures that you and your dog learn at your own pace and you don’t miss out because the class is moving too quickly or get bored because it’s too easy and you’re held back, waiting for others to catch up. 

How Do I Choose an Online Training Programme?

Now that you have decided that the online training option is the best one for you, find an online dog training course or programme which will suit you and your dog’s requirements and help you achieve your goals.  Ensure the do training company is reputable by checking their reviews and the programme should be designed by a qualified, experienced trainer who uses force-free, rewards-based training methods.  Ask about the level of support you will receive and any ongoing coaching which is available.  Then sign up, get started and enjoy the process with your dog – a few minutes a day is all it takes to start seeing changes!

Waggle Tails offers a range of online dog training programmes.  To check out our programmes visit or contact us to find out how we can help you and your dog.  See you on the inside!