Dog Training Group Classes: Relationship Boost

Our small group dog training classes will teach you and your dog essential skills while building your dog's focus on you, strengthening your bond and boosting your relationship together so that your dog chooses you over people, dogs and other distractions! You will gain confidence in the best way to teach and motivate your dog to help them be the best they can be.

Each course is held over four weeks and classes are 50 minutes.  You will receive homework at the end of each class to fast-track your dog's development.  Our small group classes are suitable for dogs of any level and no prior training is necessary.  Although the goal of the classes are to teach your dog to focus on you in the presence of other dogs, as the classes are held in a public space where there may be other dogs off-leash, your dog must be friendly with other dogs. 

Classes are held at Finnerty Reserve in Gwelup on Sunday afternoons, check below to select your preferred date and time.

Play Together, Stay Together (4 Weeks)

If your dog struggles to come back to you when you call and pulls you down the road on walks then this course is for you!  Give your dog more freedom by supercharging your dog's recall so they come back to you first time, every time.  We break down the skills for loose leash walking so you can enjoy stress-free walks with your dog again.  We find out what motivates your dog through fun and interactive games and exercises.  Your dog learns to love being with you so they choose you over distractions!

Cost: $155 

Fun and Focus (4 Weeks)

Would you like a dog who understands basic cues and can settle when you need them to so you can take anywhere and everywhere with you?  Then Fun and Focus is the perfect solution!  During this course we teach your dog skills such as sit, drop, settle and focus.  We teach your dog impulse control so they can hold a bomb-proof wait or stay around distractions and we throw in some tricks for fun.  Watch your dog's focus on you soar to new heights!

Cost: $155

Why join our group classes? Your coach is internationally qualified and experienced. We use up-to-date, rewards-based, force free training methods which focus on building and strengthening communication and your relationship with your dog and most of all, our sessions are interactive and fun!

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Contact us at or 0451 238 791 if you have any questions, otherwise you will receive an email from us shortly with everything you need to know to prepare you for your first class. We can’t wait to meet you and your puppy soon!