We provide private, in-home dog and puppy training and behaviour consultations, group puppy and dog training classes and an Online Training Academy.

private, in-home services

Our private, in-home puppy and dog behaviour consultations cover a wide range of training and behavioural issues. During our consultation with a qualified, experienced trainer we will explain why the issues are happening, we’ll discuss recommendations on resolving the issues and we’ll show you how to implement the recommendations to ensure you are comfortable continuing them. Our intensive private, in-home boot camp programme is designed for the busy dog owner and will transform your dog from Wild to Wonderful.

puppy pre-school programme

Our comprehensive, fun and interactive group puppy pre-school programme is essential for every puppy owner. You and your puppy will learn everything you need to know about handling the most urgent and important puppy issues. Most importantly, your puppy will build confidence, learn how to focus on you around distractions and you’ll strengthen your relationship together, setting you up for the best start to life possible.

ultimate dog programme

This ten week world class programme will teach your dog everything they need to know both inside and outside the home so you have a well-behaved dog you can be proud of. You’ll solve common household problems and teach your dog to listen to you first time, every time while building and strengthening your relationship together. This programme is for dogs who are over 14 weeks old, friendly with other dogs and is suitable for all levels. If you want to achieve life-long results, this is the programme for you.

online training academy

Our Online Training Academy features our Loose Leash Walking Academy which teaches your dog to walk beside you instead of pulling you down the road so you can enjoy relaxing walks together again and our Wild to Wonderful Programme will transform your dog from crazy and out of control to a relaxed, well-behaved dog who you are proud of!

our philosophy

We are committed to achieving results through applying scientific learning theory and utilising the most up to date force-free, reward-based training methods.  We take the time to understand what motivates your dog to learn and ensure that you and your dog have fun - this results in a happy, respectful and rewarding life-long relationship together.  Our vision is 'Learn, Love, Play' which we live by every day.  

I couldn’t recommend Kelly from Waggle Tails more highly. She is professional, kind, friendly and most of all, patient. Her training style in particular focuses on understanding dogs and their motivation, positive reinforcement and enjoyment, the last being the most important factor in Archie’s (our cheeky labradoodle) development. Our training sessions were a bundle of fun and we genuinely loved every session we had. Laughter was a common theme throughout. Kelly has a wonderful manner with both dogs and their owners alike which allows the training sessions to be both enjoyable and successful. Our little mischievous Archie is now more than capable of lying on a mat calmly whilst we make dinner rather than the previous begging for food. He can also now play “leave it” with his tennis ball (Archie’s kryptonite) at the Park, something we genuinely thought would be impossible, let alone be managed within a couple of weeks. Best of all is how our relationship and understanding of Archie has changed. Whilst there is plenty of work still to do, we’re armed with all of the skills to ensure the most enjoyable of friendships with our beautiful labradoodle.
— Richard, Brooke and Archie