digging doggies

Does your dog dig in places you would prefer them not to? Digging is a normal dog behaviour - they have an instinctive need to dig so we need to provide them with an appropriate outlet for this behaviour. Read on to preserve your prized plants and ensure your dog satisfies their digging needs!

1. Management

It important to manage your dog's environment to prevent them from digging in places you don't want them to - use baby gates, long term confinement areas and long lines

2. Compromise

Construct a Dig Box to provide your dog with an appropriate area where they can dig to their heart's content. A Dig Box can be made of planks of wood for the sides or a children's paddling pool filled with sand. Dogs love cool places so put the Dig Box in a shady area and wet the sand

3. Teach Your Dog to Dig

Show your dog how to dig into the sand box with your hands. As your dog starts to dig (not before), add the verbal cue 'Go Dig!' and verbally praise them for digging. Hide chew toys or bones in the sand to increase the motivation to dig and let your dog enjoy finding their treasures!

4. Interrupt and Redirect

If you find your dog digging in places you would rather they didn't, interrupt the digging by calling their name in an excited voice and lead them towards the dig box, saying 'Go Dig!'

5. Avoid Punishing

There is a lot of information out there with suggestions on how to stop your dog from digging which involve verbal and physical punishment. These methods are ineffective - instead, teach your dog what you want them to do and reward them for doing it and with patience and persistence you will have a dog who loves to dig in their Dig Box!