private in-home behaviour consultations

Waggle Tails uses science-based methods to resolve your dog's behavioural issue.  We discuss why the issue is occurring and work with you to implement workable solutions to improve your dog's behaviour.  


Dog Behaiviour Training Perth

Science based Dog Training for your dog or puppy!

behaviour consultation

(1 x 60-90 minute session, 1 x 30 minute follow up session, detailed report and ongoing email support)

We offer behaviour consultations to resolve specific behavioural issues such as biting, jumping up, household manners, impulse control, fear-based issues, over-excitability, lack of focus and control, toilet training, barking, digging, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, resource guarding and other behavioural issues. 

Behaviour consultations are held by our internationally qualified trainer and take place in your home.  You will be asked to complete an in-depth behavioural history questionnaire prior to your appointment to help us understand your dog and the issue you'd like to resolve.  We will schedule an initial consultation with you and your dog where we will assess your dog, discuss the issue and provide recommendations.  A comprehensive follow-up report is provided after the initial session and a follow-up sessions is scheduled 1-2 weeks after your initial appointment.  Unlimited ongoing email support is available as required.    


Having met Kelly was a true blessing for me, my classes, my private trainings and my work with my own dogs. Kelly’s educated clarity on training topics has brought my understanding of training to a new level which I am incredibly grateful for. My own dog Hank was very stressed and people reactive when I got him and whilst I was able to make progress I got stuck and needed that organised outsider’s view. What a breathtaking difference Kelly’s input has had on his and our life. Not to mention the great idea of lead walking technique that makes all the difference to so many owners I was able to pass it on to. Thanks Kelly, you have a lovely way with dogs, we all really appreciate you and wish you the very best success in Perth. You have earned it!
— Lisa Sturm, Sit Happens Dog Training